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“Sojourning Your Own Path”

AWA’s signature event is a six-day fall Sojourn. Our Sojourn is designed to share our love for Florence and help support the restoration of the city’s historic art by women. For many years, we have escorted groups of ardent art lovers to the city that magnetizes us: Florence. There are many words to describe travel: tours, excursions, trips. But there is something particular about “Sojourn“. It is an ancient word – the meaning of which puts more importance on the actual stay versus the act of travel. So, it emphasizes the idea of the person who, although not native-born, claims and is given protection and sustenance during his or her stay in a foreign land. This is a beautiful way of thinking about travel and perfectly reflects our quest.

Sojourn Traditions

Though the Sojourns itineraries vary annually, some things are too good to leave out!

The Heart of Art

Restoration is our life blood and we share this science with new aficionados.

Artisan Experiences

Florence is a hand-on city and craftsmanship is the way to its heart.

“Spiritual” Dining

A mix of art-filled dining experiences and tasty Tuscan fare are a must for our guests.

Why Sojourns?

Why does AWA organize Sojourns?


By giving a voice to historic
women artists AWA rescues
and reclaims the ‘hidden half’
of Florence’s art.

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