To Florence, Con Amore:
90 Ways to Love the City

Author: Jane Fortune
Genre: Luxury guide book
Publisher: B’Gruppo srl (Prato)
Series: The Florentine Press
Second edition: May 2011
Language: English
Pages: 240, full-color, illustrated

From famous frescos and family restaurants to meditative spots that soothe the soul, To Florence, Con Amore: 90 Ways to Love the City reveals a city full of unsung treasures and fascinating cultural gems. This collection of ‘must-sees’ that are rarely seen is an indispensable guide for those who know the city and those eager to meet her. The guild-based history of Florence, the city’s role as the birthplace of opera, the perspective and innovation of its artists, the far-reaching vision of its leaders—all find space in This ‘love-inspired’ guide offers day-trips and afternoon getaways appropriate for all of Florence’s admirers. Whether you love theatre, costume and the performing arts or are more apt to swoon before a fresco, painting or breath-taking view—there are options for everyone. The bird’s egg blues of della Robbia ceramics, the luminous shades of handcrafted silk, a sun-drenched view from the Arno, the shadowy silence of Santa Croce, the luscious greens of traditionally Tuscan landscapes—urge both visitor and resident to rediscover the beauties of one of the world’s most renowned cities.