Santa Croce in Pink: Untold stories of Women and their Monuments

Authors:  G. Bagioli, J. Fortune, D. Grossoni, P. Vojnovic.

Editor: L. Falcone
Publisher: Adriano Antonioletti Boratto, AeA Editore, 2013.
Language: English
Pages: 80, full-color photos

Discover the ‘pink side’ of Santa Croce. Santa Croce in Pink pays tribute to a varied entourage of pious women, patronesses and princesses, from Galileo’s daughter and Vittorio Alfieri’s rebellious lover to more world-renowned forerunners like Charlotte Bonaparte and Florence Nightingale. The first guide of its kind, this book spotlights Santa Croce’s many monuments commemorating the female protagonists of a magnificent journey that begins with thirteenth-century Florence’s humblest spiritual traditions before celebrating the city’s Grand Tour splendor and traveling the tortuous road to Italian Unification. Santa Croce in Pink reveals a hidden itinerary where exiled women artists and aristocrats become unsung heroines, bearing witness to some of the most compelling stories of artistic passion, spiritual commitment and political intrigue Florence has ever seen.