Plautilla Nelli.
Her art and where to find it in Florence

New art brochure

Author:  Jane Fortune
Publisher: Sillabe, October 2017
Languages: English/Italian
Pages: 6 / full-color photos

After Nelli's debut at the Uffizi Gallery, AWA has created a new light-weight publication, perfect for those trekking around Florence to see her inimitable art. This full-color brochure was designed as a complement to the Uffizi Catalog, 'Plautilla Nelli: Art and Devotion in Savonarola’s Footsteps', edited by Fausta Navarro. It's a hands-on guide that provides 'the basics' on Nelli and her significant contributions to Florence's culture, as a devotional painter and entrepreneur. Nelli represents the best of both worlds! San Marco, Palazzo Vecchio, San Salvi and… soon the Santa Maria Novella Museum… Nelli's art is Florence is no longer a hidden treasure.