Orate Pro Pictora:
Pray for the Paintress

Authors: Fausta Navarro, Rossella Lari, Jane Fortune, Cristina Acidini
Genre: Art
Publisher: B’Gruppo Srl, Prato
Series: The Florentine Press and AWA
Edition: November, 2009
Language: English / Italian
Pages: 16 full-color, illustrated

Orate Pro Pictora  commemorates the inauguration of Suor Plautilla’s restored lunettes: Saint Catherine in Prayer and Saint Domenic Receives the Rosary at Florence’s San Salvi Museum. This booklet  includes various essays entitled ‘Plautilla’, ‘Continuing the Commitment: a Tribute to Suor Plautilla Nelli’, ‘Orate Pro Pictora: Newly Restored Works by Nelli and Those Awaiting Restoration’ and ‘The Restoration’. Full-color photographs allow readers to zero-in on each phase of this noteworthy project.