Invisible, the perfume

Created exclusively for AWA by AquaFlor, Firenze
Bottle: 30 ml.

In the words of maître perfumer Sileno Cheloni: “Perfume is conceived in the realm of the invisible and it evokes all that is felt but not seen. INVISIBLE, the perfume, is a tribute to women artists and their precious artwork that has been hidden in the shadows of our collective memory, awaiting rediscovery. Notes of violet, talcum powder, and silky blue chamomile engulf a ‘hostage’ of rare purity from the mysterious lands of India: the Osmanthus flower. The fragrance ends with a surprising hint of blond tobacco.” AquaFlor is a special Maison de Parfums working in Florence since 2009 to cultivate and uphold the art of the traditional artistic Florentine fragrances. AWA and AquaFlor have developed an exclusive partnership to honor to forgotten women artists in history with an unforgettable fragrance. Proceeds support the conservation of art by female paintings and sculptures in Florence and Tuscany.

What level of giving makes me eligible to receive this perfume?
Donors who support AWA beginning at the 300-dollar level will receive the perfume 'Invisible' as a token of appreciation. For more details, visit our Current Project Section and view all the special perks reserved for each restoration's sponsors.