Chaplin and Costa: Rediscovering Expat Women Painters in Tuscany

Authors: Margherita Ciacci, Serenella Condemi, Jane Fortune, Alessandra Griffo, Giovanna Giusti, Marilena Mosco.
Publisher: B’Gruppo Srl, Prato
Series: The Florentine Press and AWA
Edition: April 2014
Language: English / Italian
Pages: 96 full-color, illustrated 

This series of lyrical essays follows the cypress-lined trail joining neighboring Tuscan villas, toward an intimate, image-filled journey documenting the lives and works of two international women artists who made the hills of Florence and Fiesole their creative home. Chaplin and Costa: Rediscovering Expat Women Painters in Tuscany  takes art lovers from the restoration studio into the museum spotlight, from the Pitti Palace’s Modern Art Gallery to Il Palmerino, the historic fort-tower turned artist haunt. This catalog-style volume, which accompanies the Florence exhibition Private Mythologies, offers a glimpse of female creativity in the 1900s and rediscovers a legacy that must not be left to fade into oblivion.