Adopt an Apostle


Adopt an Apostle

from 10,000.00

Artist: Plautilla Nelli
Painting: The Last Supper
Venue: Santa Maria Novella Museum, Florence
Start of restoration: October 2015
Estimated end of restoration: October 2019

Cost per Apostle: $10,000
Cost to restore the Christ figure: $25,000
Comprehensive project cost: 210,000

Contribution amount:
Why is the Last Supper important? When Plautilla Nelli painted her large-scale masterpiece depicting the Last Supper in the 1570s in Florence, Italy, she was doing something no woman before or after her had ever done. But this painting requires restoration or risks being lost forever. Let’s embark on Phase II of this restoration together: by giving Nelli her voice, we change our perspective on history. Through AWA's Adopt an Apostle Program it will be possible to salvage and promote a precious work that has been hidden from the public eye for 450 years. Again, the Adopt an Apostle is Phase II of a restoration that will put Nelli and her most important painting in the spotlight. In 2019, The Last Supper will be exhibited in the Santa Maria Novella Museum.