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AWA’s Sojourn 2019

Our Sojourn 2019 is a dream come true for all AWA lovers: Plautilla Nelli’s masterpiece, The Last Supper, will finally find its way into the museum at Santa Maria Novella. To whet your appetite for our 2019 extravaganza, have a look at the extraordinary opportunities our guests enjoy during AWA Sojourns by viewing our Photo Gallery and revel in the beauties of Sojourns past.
Villa ‘La Quiete’

Villa ‘La Quiete’

2019 Sojourn at a glance

Where the women were
The villa-home of Anna Maria Luisa de’ Medici in the Tuscan hills is appropriately known as ‘La Quiete’. Noblewomen were educated here in the Renaissance and Duchesses would later find ‘a space of their own’.

Art inspires health?
In an off-limits portion of Santa Maria Nuova, visit the place Leonardo dissected corpses to achieve the stunning accuracy of his anatomical drawings. The oldest hospital in Florence is also museum of masters.

Pre-party at the Palace
The evening before presenting Nelli’s restoration to the world, we will celebrate with city officials and museum executives at a special dinner in Palazzo Vecchio, the symbol of Florence and City Hall.

A sacred moment in the Spanish Chapel
Eleonora de Toledo’s jewel-like sacred space will host a special mass officiated by Santa Maria Novella’s prior, of Nelli’s Dominican order, in honor of the painting’s public display after 450 years.
The restoration of art by historic female artists makes every day feel like 'Women’s Day' for AWA
Welcome home
Discover Nelli’s ‘new’ museum with the curator who led the restoration of her masterwork. After its presentation in the Basilica, small groups will view the painting close-up as guests enjoy an aperitivo in the ancient ‘Infirmary’.

Opificio delle Pietre Dure
History’s most coveted canvases just an arm’s-length away. Watch them being painstakingly restored with state-of-the-art methods and age-old know-how at one of the world’s top conservation centers.

An Uffizi surprise
An invitation from the Uffizi Galleries, in recognition of our 2019 exhibition partnership means the chance to wander through a portion of the gallery that is not open for public viewing.

Where ‘hopefuls’ await
Home to Amerigo Vespucci and a hospital for plague victims. In the company of the conservator, that’s where we will find AWA’s next two hopeful paintings by Violante Siries Cerroti, in dire need.
A 12th-century tower today
The Bruschi family has extended an invitation for our Sojourners to visit the medieval times with a visit to their four-story home-museum in Florence’s artisan district: Torre Lanfredi.

See where it all started
Dr. Jane Fortune was so inspired by Nelli’s Lamentation with Saints at the San Marco Museum, she founded an organization with Nelli as her muse: AWA. From the museum’s cloisters to the ancient library, feel the magic.

A palace good-bye
Fifteenth-century Palazzo Capponi was home to two star-crossed lovers whose destiny Grand Duchess Eleonora de Toledo set right. It is the setting of our ‘frescoed’ farewell dinner overlooking the Arno.