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What is ‘AWA around the world’?
From March 1 to March 8, 2019, museums, universities, libraries, galleries, community centers and other cultural institutions around the globe are invited to participate in 'AWA around the world' for Women’s Day, by organizing the screening of one of the AWA’s documentaries on the restoration of art by women, e.g. Invisible Women or When the World Answered (or another of the video-options that can be downloaded below). After the program, hosts are encouraged to facilitate a discussion aimed at triggering awareness about the research, restoration or exhibition of art by women. By launching an appeal for the creation of 'live' events across the globe, we aim to create a connection between art lovers and friendly institutions that share Advancing Women Artists’ goal of rediscovering the cultural heritage of little known women artists.

The recovery of art by unsung women artists: Restored work by Lea Colliva (1923)

Our 2018 Women’s Day event at the Uffizi Library with the Uffizi Galleries and WikiDonna

How to get involved
Event hosts can sign up to participate by filling in our online form. Participating institutions will be featured as event partners on the AWA website, in our Insider’s magazine Inside AWA and be part of our press/social media campaign linked to this Women’s Day initiative 'worldwide'.

To help hosts prepare
All of us at AWA in Florence are happy to provide additional feedback regarding the creation of these 'satellite events'. We encourage hosts to print out our informational pack: About AWA, to be in the loop about past and future happenings. Hosts interested in presenting our Art Angel Program as part of their awareness-raising event, can download a printer-friendly version here.

Download AWA videos for your screening
Depending on the setting and format of your event for 'AWA around the World' in celebration of Women’s Day, we have provided several video options to fit your needs and your audience’s potential area of interest. Please make sure to download the video, rather than attempting to view it via streaming on the day of the event.
Invisible Women: Forgotten Artists of Florence
The result of five years of research to uncover, rescue and support art by women—whether exhibited or in storage—in Florence’s museums... 27 minutes. [DOWNLOAD]

When the World Answered: Florence, Women Artists and the 1966 FloodMeet the twentieth-century artists who donated their art to replace works lost in the 1966 flood.... 27 minutes. [DOWNLOAD]

The Lady Painter: Violante Siries Cerroti (1709-1783)
A restored masterwork by eighteenth-century painter Violante Siries Cerroti, damaged in the Florence flood of 1966, opens the door to the artist’s rediscovery... 11 minutes. [DOWNLOAD]

The First Last, Plautilla Nelli’s Last Supper
Plautilla Nelli’s Last Supper is the largest painting by an early woman artist in the world. In storage for over 450 years, this 21-foot long masterpiece will soon be restored to its original dignity... 3 minutes trailer. [DOWNLOAD]

The restoration of art by historic female artists makes every day feel like 'Women’s Day' for AWA

Who’s involved
Image by Tina Gue, photographer whose work is on show at the ‘This is us’ exhibition at the Vestibules, Bristol.

Image by Tina Gue, photographer whose work is on show at the ‘This is us’ exhibition at the Vestibules, Bristol.

Colleges, Universities and University Institutions

Ursula Fanning, Associate professor and Director of the University College Dublin Foundation for Italian Studies has planned an event at the Newman Theatre for March 3. A scholar on neglected Italian women writers, Dr. Fanning shares an affinity with AWA’s mission to recover the achievements of female artists. The UCD Foundation for Italian Studies is the ‘Events and Publishing’ arm of the Italian Studies section of the School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics. The event is organized in conjunction with UCD Alumni Relations as part of the “BetterforBalance. Storytelling for Activism” program.

American University in Washington DC, and its Art History Program, in particular, will be hosting an ‘Around the world’ screening at the Katzen Art Center, the dramatic post-modernist building that is the program’s home, in addition to housing the American University Museum. Event organizers: Associate Professor and Art History Program Director Andrea Pearson and Joanne Allen, the Art History Program’s Events Coordinator. March 4.

Women's Art Library is part of Goldsmiths University of London’s Special Collections and Archives. Thousands of female artists are represented there and its primary mission is to provide a place for women artists to deposit invaluable documentation of their work. An alternative space for exhibiting art by women, the Library’s ‘Around the world event on March 13 will be featured in conjunction with the exhibition ‘Narratives of Protest: Textiles by Connie Flynn and work from Goldsmiths Textile Collection. Organizers, Althea Greenan, Library curator. The screening will be followed by a Q/A style lecture by artist, writer, curator Rea Stavropoulos, an AWA ‘Advocate’.

Katzen Art Center, American University Washington DC

Le Balze, home of Georgetown University in Florence

Art history professor specialized in the Italian Renaissance and freelance journalist for the Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad, Bram de klerck will be hosting a screening and discussion within the Art History Department at Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands on March 6. Interestingly, Radboud University prides itself on its female professorship (24%), stats that are much higher than its Dutch counterparts.

Elena Macias, Associate Dean ad Interim and Associate Professor at the University of Texas’ Rio Grande Valley School of Art in Edinburg Texas, has organized an ‘Around the World’ event on site for the University’s Studio Art and Museum Studies students. What’s the philosophy at UTRGV? “The expression of art serves humanity.” March 7.

On March 8, at the University of Malta, there will be a post-screening presentation on Maltese female artists and patrons including a discussion on Suor Maria de Dominici, a Maltese tertiary nun who trained with Mattia Preti. Organizers: The Art and Art History Department (Nadette Xuereb and Charlene Vella) and HoASA, the History of Art and Fine Arts Students’ Association. The university is Malta’s top educational institution; its Art and Art History department has played a formidable role in the rewriting of the art history of Malta in its Western European and Mediterranean dimensions.

De La Salle Catholic College in Cronulla, Sydney, Australia will be hosting an event, organized and facilitated by Byron Hurst, Creative and Performing Arts Coordinator and Visual Arts Professor at the college as well as the Chair of the Board of Directors at the Hazelhurst Regional Art Gallery Gymea. The College is for 11th- and 12th-year secondary school students and its facilities include the recently opened learning areas specializing in Creative and Performing Arts, Technology and Design, and Hospitality. March 8.

Laura Benedetti is a professor of Contemporary Italian Culture and an author whose areas of interest span from Boccaccio to Elena Ferrante. On March 11, she will be hosting, a course-work screening at Villa Le Balze (The Cliffs), the site of Georgetown University’s Undergraduate Program in Florence. Jane Adams, AWA’s Partnership Relations manager, will hold a Question-Answer session for students post film.
Art Venues and Cultural Organizations

Artspace Lifespace and The Island in Bristol will host a screening as a side event at their “This is us”, photographic exhibition featuring ‘150 women aged 40+ embracing life’, held at The Vestibules. Photographer Tina Gue will be giving a talk after the screening. The Island, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2018 is an arts facility creative spaces from circus training, dance and rehearsal rooms, artists’ studios, dark rooms to gallery space, recording and music production studios and a suite of early 20th century police cells! It is one of the many successes of Artspace Lifespace is a registered charity that recycles under-used or vacant property, transforming them into multi-art spaces. March 3.

‘Around the World’ is the first event of Creative Kowloon, in Hong Kong and, for AWA, it is our first time in Prince Edward Kowloon. Artist Elizabeth Briel will facilitate a talk post-screening in this new space on the oft-pictured Portland Street that is an artist studio, arts hub and workshop-gathering place for creative minds. Breil’s own art is primarily focused on installations and hand-pulled digital prints. March 3.

On March 3, at the Art League of Lincoln, in Lincoln California, Anguissola scholar Irene Matson will be lecturing on Sofonisba Anguissola, the art love of her life, and one of the earliest Italian women painters to receive substantial public commissions. Most famously, she worked as a court artist for Spanish King Philip II. The Art League hosts cultural opportunities as well as art lessons and fairs for all ages, ‘Clay Day’ being an all-time favorite.

On March 7, in Florence’s Oltrarno District, ‘Cultural Salon Firenze’ will host a screening, followed by a fire-side chat with AWA Director Linda Falcone. The Palazzo San Niccolò event in the heart of the artisans’ quarter exemplifies the Salon’s mission. Founder Jane Guarducci describes the organization as “a center of social and intellectual exchange for the curious and cultured citizens of the world who chose to make Florence their home, a place where you can meet inspired denizens and partake in new cultural experiences together.”

“Celebration of the History of Women in the Arts” at the Ludington Area Arts Center in Ludington Michigan. On March 8, Invisible Women will be featured followed by a Gallery talk and discussion led by Dr. Rachel Foulk, Assistant Professor of Art History at Ferris State University. The event will take place in the gallery, which will be featuring a month-long exhibit of original artwork by local artists created as tributes to historical women artists--from the Cavewomen to Plautilla Nelli to Judy Chicago and more than 30 women artists in between!

Portland Street, Hong Kong

The Global Quest Continues…

For ‘Around the World’ aficionados, the quest does not stop in March…

The Art Complex Museum in Duxbury, Massachusetts will be hosting a screening on May 22, followed by a Question/Answer session led by Alice Vogler, Officer of AWA’s Board. The museum specializes in American paintings, Shaker furniture and crafts, Asian art, encompassing paintings, ceramics and bronzes dating from as early as the thirteenth century BCE; and works on paper, the majority of which are American and European prints.

Are you in need of additional feedback or materials?
For further queries please write to AWA Director Linda Falcone at linda@advancingwomenartists.org

* Please note that AWA will not be providing a budget for hosting these initiatives, thus hosts who would like to entertain, must do so at their own expense and discretion.