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What is ‘AWA around the world’?
From March 1 to March 8, 2019, museums, universities, libraries, galleries, community centers and other cultural institutions around the globe are invited to participate in 'AWA around the world' for Women’s Day, by organizing the screening of one of the AWA’s documentaries on the restoration of art by women, e.g. Invisible Women or When the World Answered (or another of the video-options that can be downloaded below). After the program, hosts are encouraged to facilitate a discussion aimed at triggering awareness about the research, restoration or exhibition of art by women. By launching an appeal for the creation of 'live' events across the globe, we aim to create a connection between art lovers and friendly institutions that share Advancing Women Artists’ goal of rediscovering the cultural heritage of little known women artists.

The recovery of art by unsung women artists: Restored work by Lea Colliva (1923)

Our 2018 Women’s Day event at the Uffizi Library with the Uffizi Galleries and WikiDonna

How to get involved
Event hosts can sign up to participate by filling in our online form. Participating institutions will be featured as event partners on the AWA website, in our Insider’s magazine Inside AWA and be part of our press/social media campaign linked to this Women’s Day initiative 'worldwide'.

To help hosts prepare
All of us at AWA in Florence are happy to provide additional feedback regarding the creation of these 'satellite events'. We encourage hosts to print out our informational pack: About AWA, to be in the loop about past and future happenings. Hosts interested in presenting our Art Angel Program as part of their awareness-raising event, can download a printer-friendly version here.

Download AWA videos for your screening
Depending on the setting and format of your event for 'AWA around the World' in celebration of Women’s Day, we have provided several video options to fit your needs and your audience’s potential area of interest. Please make sure to download the video, rather than attempting to view it via streaming on the day of the event.
Invisible Women: Forgotten Artists of Florence
The result of five years of research to uncover, rescue and support art by women—whether exhibited or in storage—in Florence’s museums... 27 minutes. [DOWNLOAD]

When the World Answered: Florence, Women Artists and the 1966 FloodMeet the twentieth-century artists who donated their art to replace works lost in the 1966 flood.... 27 minutes. [DOWNLOAD]

The Lady Painter: Violante Siries Cerroti (1709-1783)
A restored masterwork by eighteenth-century painter Violante Siries Cerroti, damaged in the Florence flood of 1966, opens the door to the artist’s rediscovery... 11 minutes. [DOWNLOAD]

The First Last, Plautilla Nelli’s Last Supper
Plautilla Nelli’s Last Supper is the largest painting by an early woman artist in the world. In storage for over 450 years, this 21-foot long masterpiece will soon be restored to its original dignity... 3 minutes trailer. [DOWNLOAD]

The restoration of art by historic female artists makes every day feel like 'Women’s Day' for AWA

Are you in need of additional feedback or materials?
For further queries please write to AWA Director Linda Falcone at linda@advancingwomenartists.org

* Please note that AWA will not be providing a budget for hosting these initiatives, thus hosts who would like to entertain, must do so at their own expense and discretion.