#TheFirstLast - Restore Plautilla Nelli's Masterpiece
The first woman artist of Florence painted the first and only known “Last Supper” by a woman. We risk losing it unless it is restored right now.

The Advancing Women Artists Foundation’s goal is to rediscover hidden or invisible female artists of the past and connect them to women today through research, restoration and sharing of results. This is the Foundation's biggest restoration to date.

When Plautilla Nelli painted this huge canvas depicting the Last Supper (where Jesus announces that one of his disciples will betray him) in the 1570s in Florence, Italy, she was doing something no woman before or after her had ever done. Artists like her defied gender norms with their very actions.

This painting needs your help! It's in dire need of restoration. AWA seeks to raise $65,000 on Indiegogo to restore Nelli's masterpiece together and change our perspective on history. Click the button on this page to find out how to give through Indiegogo and get amazing rewards too!