Lazzari’s Measurements

Beatrice Lazzari ‘measures up’

Beatrice Lazzari, an exponent of avant-garde Rationalism. At the start of her career, Beatrice Lazzari (1900–1981) studied decoration at Venice’s Fine Arts Academy. Initially a landscape painterlinked to the Burano School, she broke with figurative traditions in the 1930s and moved to Rome where she became a successful abstract painter. Lazzari exhibited throughout Italy. In 1959 Lazzari abandoned oil painting and created multi-media works using alternative materials such as sand, glue, silk, gesso, tempera and acrylic. Her interest in the informal movement was particularly strong in the late 1950s and early 1960s. From 1964 on she began producing the graphite monochrome works for which she is most often recognized. Considered one of the most original artists of her generation, Lazzari was a leader of post-war art in Italy.

The restoration of Lazzari’s ‘Flood Work’

Measurements, the oil-and-pencil-on-canvas work that Bice Lazzari gave to Florence in 1967, is representative of the later stages of her career, when she had already consolidated her position as a major figure in Italian art. It was restored in 2016 and exhibited at the ”Beyond Borders” exhibition at Florence’s Twentieth-century Museum in the ‘Italian Artists’ section. It is under consideration for permanent display at the museum. When contemplating this painting, keep in mind journalist Rachel Spence’s description of Lazzari’s works which she calls a series of ”mute sounds and metaphysical vibrations”.