Saint Catherine with a Lily, restored 2013

Saint Catherine with a Lily

Florence’s Last Super Museum of Andrea del Sarto boasts new work attributed to Nelli. This small-scale work discovered in the Pitti Palace’s attic by Dr. Fausta Navarro, represents the patron saint of Plautilla Nelli’s order. It is the first of a series of Saint Catherine paintings that AWA has restored from various churches in Tuscany, that were thought to be from Nelli’s school. Devotional paintings like this one were typical of Nelli’s convent-bottega since noble families in Florence often commissioned such works for their private chapels. Simple art by ‘nun artists’ were considered ‘relics’ of sorts and were often thought to have spiritual properties. Look at the red lips on this Saint Catherine, as her mouth is painted in Nelli’s signature ‘style’. This work, restored in 2013, is now on display in a walled niche in the Andrea del Sarto Last Supper Museum in Florence. A bit of a trek from the center of town, it is worth the trip. This little know but extremely peaceful museum has become a Nelli center of sorts over the past few years as many of her works have been restored and pulled from storage.Oil on canvas. Dimensions: 38 x 37.5 cm.