Chaplin’s "The Three Sisters", Restored 2014

“Saving” Chaplin

See various phases of the restoration of Elisabeth Chaplin’s The Three Sisters. Chaplin’s 1912 painting was restored by AWA in 2014. Prior restoration it was stored in Pitti’s storehouses, together with more than 600 of her works. They were gifted to the city of Florence in 1974 with the condition that artist could independently use and exhibit her paintings during her lifetime. Chaplin’s Florentine donation also included works by her uncle, painter Charles Chaplin and her mother, sculptor Marguerite Bavier-Chaufour. The painting depicts an evening scene featuring Yvette, Elisabeth and Nenette Chaplin. Dated 1912, it was presented together with additional works by Chaplin during a Florentine exhibit. At its presentation the series received the Gold Medal and ample acclaim from critics for the 20-year-old artist. The AWA restoration, led by the Modern Art Gallery’s director Dr. Simonella Condemi and vice director Alessandra Griffo, was carried out by Florentine restoration artist Rossella Lari.

The ‘Before’ shot in radiant light

The cleaning phase

Fixing the frame