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Edita Broglio

A major exponent of Magic Realism. Edita Broglio fled her native Latvia after Bloody Sunday in 1905 made the Russian Empire unsafe for those whose families had enjoyed Tsarist favor. She studied at the Könisberg Academy and later frequented the salon of Olga Resnevic Signorelli who introduced her to top Italian painters of the Scuola Romana including Melli, Spadini and Ferrazzi. With her future husband, eclectic painter-writer Mario Broglio, the couple founded both the Return to Order movement and 'Valori Plastici', an influential art journal that ignited debate regarding avant-garde styles versus traditional figurative principles. She exhibited frequently in Italy, primarily in the 1930s, and her paintings are influenced by Russian avant gardism. AWA's work with Edita Broglio's art was linked to the restoration and exhibition of her Florence painting entitled 'Oranges'.