Florence’s Palazzo Vecchio

A ‘new’ Nelli painting at the ‘old’ Palace

A new ‘Annunciation’ painting at Palazzo Vecchio has been attributed to Nelli. Over fifty works have been attributed to the artist in all. Many were created for her own convent. Others were done as commissions for churches throughout Tuscany. Vasari in Le Vite noted two paintings with the theme of Annunciation that were owned by women: Marietta de’ Fedini, a Florentine, as well as one owned by the wife of a Spanish nobleman, Marquis Mondragone. Vasari continues, “She made so many paintings for the homes of Florentine gentlemen (and ladies!) that it would take too much time to list them all here.” One of Nelli’s Annunciation was found in storage in bedroom of Grand Duke Cosimo I in Palazzo Vecchio (attributed by scholar Catherine Turril); another is has been in Uffizi ownership since 1953 and located in town of Follonica. It was transferred to Florence in the Spring of 2017. The two works are similar in subject, size (97 x 72 cm, 94 x 74 cm), and composition, and may have been executed from same drawing.