Conservation and beyond

Nelli numbers

Are you looking to know more about all phases of the project? Total cost of TheFirstLast has been estimated at $150,000. The conservation process alone costs $85,000 and implies a three-year sojourn at the conservator’s studio which includes transport, insurance, materials and painstaking labor (estimated at 1,786 hours just on the painterly surface). 65,000 of those costs will be raised via the FirstLast crowdfunding platform, which doubles as a tool for raising the collective consciousness about the achievements of historic women artists and Nelli in particular. Yet, conservation is not the only part of this multi-tiered project. Here at AWA, documentation and research is of utmost importance. So is finding ways to share Nelli’s legacy with the world. Costs for the Nelli project include the production of a for-television documentary, a full-color publication featuring discoveries made, a complete photographic campaign (still photos and video), diagnostic analysis and the underwriting of a conference with top international scholars and museum curators who have been studying Nelli throughout AWA’s decade-long journey to recover her oeuvre. For a more detailed breakdown of costs, write to: