One of Nelli’s Twelve

Adopt an Apostle

What is the ‘Adopt an Apostle’ program? When AWA Board member Cay Fortune first saw Nelli’s Last Supper upon its arrival at the restoration studio in 2016, she was struck by the power of the painting and felt a particular connection to its youngest apostle: Saint John. A ground-breaking idea was born that day. Why not, she thought, engage a group of committed donors who would like to adopt each of the 12 saints—and Jesus as well! Two years have passed since the Adopt-an-Apostle idea was conceived and the magic of that ‘spark’ has never left her. Cay has recently shared her desire to ‘adopt’ John by means of a $10,000 contribution to TheFirstLast project. Her ‘condition’ for making this gift: that AWA welcome others into the ‘art adoption sphere’ by joining her with a similar gesture. Love, it seems, must always be shared. Cay believes that art restoration is a vocation and a personal commitment. All of us at AWA agree! The Saint of your choice is waiting to be selected. Jesus can be ‘personally restored’ for $30,000.

Saints Alive!

Nelli’s Apostles are life-size. How did she paint them?

Being part of the ‘discovery’

Not all the saints have names! Witness new research being developed as the quest continues.

Nelli numbers

Are you looking to know more about all phases of the project?

Cay Fortune advocates for the ‘Apostles’

Meet the AWA Board Member responsible for birthing one of our all-time best ideas.