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Recognize and support art history’s ‘invisible women’. As we restore each canvas or sculpture, we also reclaim their creators’ forgotten stories. Each art experience is one-of-a-kind. Approved projects are presented and led by a museum director in Florence and carried out by a woman conservator, upon the request of the Foundation. The conservation of art by women is a 365-degree adventure! Become a donor: chose your favorite project below.

Nelli's Crucifixion

Created in the 1570s, this large-scale painting is an example of a common Florentine trend: women commissioning paintings to other women.

Nelli's Annunciation

Recently attributed to Nelli by US scholar Catherine Turril, this large-scale painting is thought to be one of two Annunciation paintings Giorgio Vasari.

Nelli's Last Supper

Nelli’s Last Supper is the largest painting by an early woman artist in the world.

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