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One of Ferroni's largescale ovals in the Atrium of San Giovanni di Dio

One of Ferroni's largescale ovals in the Atrium of San Giovanni di Dio

Newly discovered paintings by Violante Ferroni

Eighteenth-century treasures by Florentine woman who painted 'the plague'. We at AWA were completely unaware of the fact that Florence's San Giovanni di Dio hosted two largescale works by eighteenth-century painter Violante Ferroni until they were brought to our attention by AWA Advocate and restorer Elizabeth Wicks. You'll remember Liz from her work on Santa Maria Maddalena de' Pazzi's masterwork by Violante Siries Cerroti. Violante Ferroni's largescale works are displayed inside stucco frames on either side of San Giovanni di Dio's monumental staircase, in the venue's atrium. They are entitled The Saint visits plague victims and The Saint gives bread to the poor. One of Florence's oldest hospitals, San Giovanni di Dio was founded by the Vespucci family in 1382, to host victims of the plague. The venue is now a Documentation center for the history of Florentine assistance and healthcare. In the first floor it has its own eclectic museum specialized in Medicine. Located in the heart of the Ognissanti district, it is just steps from AWA's Florence office!

Violante Ferroni, huge talent forgotten

Here's what you should know about Violante Ferroni.

The Art of Healing

Here's a quick glimpse at the restoration process.

The plague then and San Giovanni di Dio now

From 1347 to 1665, the Black Death claimed nearly the lives of 25 million Europeans.


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