A group of Florence museum directors ‘networking’

Honorary Council of Women Museum Curators in Florence

Florence has over 30 women curators whose support and guidance make AWA projects possible. Over a decade ago when our Founder first became an advocate for the restoration of art by women in Florence, she began by approaching female museum directors and curators in the city. Surprised by the fact that the Florence cultural scene is supported by so many female art executives, Jane Fortune was also struck by the fact that many did not know each other. Through bi-annual ‘AWA Directors’ Luncheons’, she introduced a concept that was then foreign to Italy: ‘net-working’. The Honorary Council of Women Museum Curators in Florence offers AWA fundamental support. As art historians and those responsible for the ‘well-being’ of the paintings and sculptures we restore, they guide each of our conservation projects, working with the conservator to decide on the best way to proceed.