AWA volunteers at our annual Wikipedia Editing Marathon

AWA’s Volunteer Community

Volunteers around the world work with us to “advance“ women artists, starting from Florence! AWA’s volunteers live all over the globe. They come to us with a talent in hand and an idea in mind. They’d like to help with translations or proof-read our publications. They’d like to ‘give wings’ to our message by offering social media support. Some hope to provide volunteer graphic design services or offer event-planning skills to the benefit of historic women artists—and future generations of art lovers. AWA volunteers can offer a one-time service (like those who enter AWA’s Wikipedia entries following our Editing Marathon) or devise full-scale Volunteer Projects—that they design and implement, under AWA’s mentorship. Long-term research projects and short-term publicity campaigns both fall into this category. There are myriad ways to support AWA’s mission. The first question we pose to potential volunteers: where does your passion lie?